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Carbon fiber product designs and fabrication for home, office and commercial applications.
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Custom carbon fiber furniture


Michael Ip has always had a love for all things fast, be it sports cars, sport bikes or downhill mountain biking.  His desire to understand how things work and passion for continuous improvement naturally paved the way to over a decade of career progression in OEM automotive design, development, engineering and manufacturing.

However, his equal love for the peace, quiet and absolute beauty of nature provides him with the perfect balance between the "go go go" challenging world he thrives in and simple tranquility.

Michael's entrepreneurial spirit eventually lead him to build a High Performance Automotive Tuning Centre that continues to operate thanks to his reliable business partner and fellow "performance car enthusiast".   

Thus allowing Michael to move forward with a dream heavily influenced from years of development work with OEM Automotive Stylists and Design Engineers.  The dream to explore unlimited creativity and imagination to create beautiful pieces of art from concept to physical product.  From sophisticated and functional motorsport designs to the artful blend of nature and science in modern interior design and furniture, Michael Ip is your source for genuine carbon fibre products and fabrication services.