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1.  Why are you using carbon fibre in furniture?

The exquisite natural beauty of genuine carbon fibre materials is the key inspiration for us to use in interior design products.  It provides a unique mesmerizing look and feel that is commonly reserved for use in exotic luxury vehicles and yachts for aesthetic appeal.  This distinctive look is what we bring to life in home, office and commercial applications.

2.  What are the benefits of carbon fibre?

The most significant benefits of carbon fibre is strength to weight ratio (generally 10x stronger with 5x less weight compared to steel), rigidity and durability.  These are the reasons why carbon fiber is used not only in all competitive motorsports like Formula 1, Moto GP and Powerboats but also in aerospace as well as many sports equipment.  Carbon fibre use is also trending up in automotive since BMW introduced the first mass produced carbon fiber body structure in their I3 Hybrid.

3.  What are the benefits of carbon fibre in furniture?

Other than the natural exotic beauty of the woven material, we can produce the furniture to be extremely light weight compared to solid wood, MDF or laminated particle board.  This provides ease of mobility and installation especially with respects to our "Wall Collection" of floating shelves,  TV panels and media units.  However, potentially more significant would be the ability to produce unique furniture designs that would not be possible with conventional materials.  Thinner product design, complex shapes, or span longer distances without needing support legs or panels in between. 

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Carbon fiber product designs and fabrication for home, office and commercial applications.
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