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DT Carbon represents Michael's motorsports product line and custom fabrication services distributed exclusively through Definitive Tuning Automotive Performance Centre.  With over a decade of leading OEM automotive structural body design, development, engineering and manufacturing, you can rest assured that DT Carbon's genuine carbon fibre motorsport products maintains the highest levels of quality.  All products are developed and proudly made in Canada at our facility in Newmarket Ontario!

A complete list of products for various platforms can be found on Definitive Tuning's website, facebook and instagram pages.   New products are always being developed so be sure to follow us on social media for the latest product launch details.  

Similar to our commissioned Interior Design & Furniture projects, we also work with motorsport clients on creating their own exclusive carbon fibre product lines or individual special applications for custom projects or competition vehicles (race cars, bikes, watercraft etc).  Please contact us through Definitive Tuning for motorsport applications.

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Carbon fiber product designs and fabrication for home, office and commercial applications.
Custom carbon fiber furniture