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Michael works with a variety of clients on commissioned projects for residential and commercial applications.  From direct consumers to interior designers and manufacturers, we are always excited to push the creative boundaries of carbon fibre and composites in the world of interior design and furniture.

Michael is proud to be the first Canadian Artisan to utilize carbon fibre for interior design and bespoke carbon fibre furniture .  Our concept of blending sophisticated materials with the natural elements of wood and stone was very well received when introduced at the 2016 Toronto Interior Design Show! 

We currently have several production ready genuine carbon fibre modern design furniture pieces available for sale.  However, we are developing several other designs and intend to release a complete catalog for home and office applications in the near future.  Please follow us on facebook and instagram for up to date product launches. 

As always, feel free to contact us to discuss creative opportunities for filling your design space with the unique and sophisticated modern beauty of carbon fibre and other advanced composites!

Carbon fiber product designs and fabrication for home, office and commercial applications.
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Custom carbon fiber furniture